Grass Match: Tall Fescue


Tall_Dark_Handsome*Fescue (Tall Fescue)

Common applications: This grass is for locations that are not commonly irrigated and receive full sun (ex. roadside landscaping), or blend with a medium-textured seed for lawn applications.

Germination: Germinates in 3 weeks.

Fertilization + Irrigation: Low maintenance, little fertilization and irrigation needed.

Color: Medium green.

Sun: Prefers full sun.

Weather tolerance: Excellent drought and heat tolerance, but doesn’t like cold winters.

Traffic: Moderate hardiness to foot traffic.

Texture: Has a coarse wheat texture.

pH preference: Does well in low pH soil.

Mowing: Mow to around 3-4 inches, but never cut off more than 1/3 of the blade height at a time.

Of Note: Tall fescue looks very different from other grass varietals, so blending is not as common. However, perennial ryegrass can be added for quick germination.

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