Looking for a natural and effective way to boost the value of your home? Consider a lawn.

Natural turf can boost a home’s value as much as 15%

A great lawn makes a home more attractive and provides a perfect setting for outdoor gatherings and family activities. In fact, a lawn is recognized as such a desirable feature that it actually increases a home’s value. According to a Gallup survey:

  • 62 percent of all U.S. homeowners see lawns and landscaping as a good investment.
  • Good landscaping can give you a 100-200 percent return on your investment. This is much higher than the return provided by many other home improvement projects (building a deck or patio, for example, will generally allow you to recover 40-70 percent of the investment).
  • Buyers suggest that a well-maintained lawn can add as much as 15 percent to a home’s value.

When seeded correctly, grass can grow year-round in many different climates

If you choose the right kind of seed for your region and plant it correctly, you can enjoy a thick, healthy lawn almost anywhere. Farmers and turf scientists have developed an amazing variety of grass seeds that are adapted to a wide range of variables, from the soil type and amount of sun exposure to the length of the growing season and the average temperature. Contact your local garden center or agricultural extension service to find out what types of grass are best suited to the specific conditions in the area where you live.

Grass is great at self-repair, whether damaged by the weather or use

Grass is a natural and self-repairing landscaping option. If you choose the right grass for your climate conditions and how you use your lawn, it will be highly resilient and regenerate quickly in response to natural stresses such as drought, frost or human activity like football games and garden parties. As a result, grass is a relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain option for adding aesthetic, real-estate and recreational value to your home.